What is This Site?

DigiMuse is the site that showcases applications of data analysis by Applied Autonomics LLC, and it's chief data scientist, David Moring.

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Simple, Fast, Accurate, Accessible, and Supported

We create and publish intelligent web services that makes complex data simple to use.

Match Analytics to Your Business Processes

Our solutions range from single published metrics to full applications.

Accessible Metrics

Accessible metrics are straight forward, live metrics that can be published anywhere. Experience shows many problems do have simple solutions.

Here are some widgets reporting on V3 Of Our Web Services (which provides this site)


In Depth Reporting

In depth analysis often requires more simple metrics. We can also create applications to leverage all of the technology that we use to provide our services. Some problems require deeper solutions.

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How We Do It

Here is how we deliver more business value than most.

Business Fundamentals

We continuously align projects to clients business objectives. This maximizes ROI, focuses scope, and reduces risk.

We follow our global standards based enterprise methodology, backed with captured experience over a decade of projects.

We use metrics and our technology to measure and improve all project aspects: "people", "things", and "enterpise".

Technically Experienced

  • Lastest in tools and techniques - meaningful, fast results.
  • Simple, not complex -- right sizing solutions, no cruft.
  • Results with explainations -- enabling real strategic and opreations decisions.
  • Scalable, high availability, security -- 7x24 access and support.

Performance Focused

We run all of our solutions in the cloud, using the fastest cloud processors, high speed networks, native SSD's, world wide -- all for performance.

Secure data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and in storage. We provide HIPAA compliant solutions.

Local Databases, Enterprise Databases, Distributed Data, BlockChain, other web data services -- we are data source agnostic.

Example Metrics

Metrics can provide raw data, or can be wrapped in templates. Publish, integrate to systems, or just use internally -- aligned to the task at hand.

Would you like to see something that is not here?

If it is data, we can analyze it!


Our Applications

Applications provide more functionality and depth.

We start each application by aligning service requirements to business objectives, .

We then follow our enagement and systems methodology each step of the way. A methodology rooted in Big 5 enterprise systems mangement experience, embracing modern global standards, continuously improved, and tested.

Perhaps more importantly, as a data analysis firm, we have implemented and deployed data services to support and share the methodology. Our clients have 24x7 access to continuously engage with the their projects. Collaberate, track metrics, check alignment, follow progress -- every step of the way.

Here are a few of the applications that we have deployed.


Uses text analysis and AI to sculpt your application for job site algorithms to improve rank.

Algorithms: Clustering, Ranking, Feature Extraction, Text Preprocessing, et al.

REST API Enabled

Job Application Assistant


Your application rises to top in employer side searches.

Semantics is closely aligned to the listing, making your application and resume the more responsive to employer's posting.

A quick list ranks the skills/experience the posting is looking for. Giving topics for research before, and discussion during, the interview.


Collects, stores, analysis data from project management, payment processing, book keeping, employee management, and tax obligations.

Algorithms: Machine Learning, Linear Analysis, Bank/GL/Employee Records integration, and more.

Runs Our Business

Business Operations Platform


Each platform generation results in 2x revenue, better client engagement, and more capacity the following years.

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